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WAVESTATION Player's Guide

ALL:USA_Wavestation Players Guide.pdf
This is a scan of the original WAVESTATION Player's Guide.
WAVESTATION Reference Guide

ALL:USA_Wavestation Reference Guide.pdf
This is a scan of the WAVESTATION Reference Guide.
WAVESTATION - AD Performance Notes

WAVESTATION - AD Performance Notes
These are the original Wavestation AD Performance Notes
WAVESTATION - EX Owner’s Manual

WAVESTATION - EX Owner’s Manual
This is the original Wavestation EX Owner’s Manual.
Wavestation SR Performance Notes

all:Wavestation SR_Performance Notes.pdf
Wavestation SR Performance Notes
This is a scan of the original WAVESTATION SR Performance Notes. These Performance Notes are designed to make it easy for you to get familiar with the SR’s factory sounds. You’ll find descriptions of all 550 internal Performances (including modulation routings), charts of all the Patches and Wave Sequences, and explanations of the factory-set User Scales.
Wavestation SR Player's Guide

all:Wavestation SR_Players Guide.pdf
Wavestation SR Player's Guide
This is a scan of the original WAVESTATION SR Player’s Guide. This Player’s Guide shows you how to set up the instrument, and contains a number of tutorials to take you through all of the basic operations, step by step.
Wavestation SR Reference Guide

all:Wavestation SR_Reference Guide.pdf
Wavestation SR Reference Guide
This is a scan of the original WAVESTATION SR Reference Guide. This Reference Guide is intended for those who have read the accompanying Player’s Guide, or who have some experience with professional synthesizers. It is not organized to be read from cover to cover, but as an extended “Help” system for those occasions when you may need more information about what is displayed on the WAVESSTATION SR screen.