Consumers: Beware of Unauthorized Sellers!

Korg is committed to providing customers with high quality, reliable products which we stand by. When purchased through authorized dealers, we will gladly honor product warranties and authorize or perform covered services. Please be aware that there are many online sellers of Korg products who are unauthorized sellers. Korg products purchased from an unauthorized dealer (as well as products purchased from sellers outside of the United States) are not eligible for warranty service in the United States.

The risks of purchasing products from an unauthorized seller include voided warranty, ineligibility for manufacturer rebates, and in the case of counterfeit goods, inferior product quality or incompatibility in the U.S.

To ensure that you purchase Korg products from an authorized dealer and to protect your Korg product purchase benefits, all authorized Korg MI dealers have been given an “Authorized Korg Dealer” seal to display on their site; please look for it when shopping for Korg products.

Korg does also allow a number of authorized retailers to sell through However, you will not see an authorized seal on these pages, so please refer to our dealer locator on for a list of authorized dealers.

For your protection, we have included a list of unauthorized dealers; please click here to view the list.


The following online sellers are NOT authorized to sell Korg USA products.
(Please note this list is not all-inclusive.)

~Takumi~ Japan 4ufromjapan
a_japan(We open for 365 days! Let's connect with all over the world) Storefront AAA Musical
AAS. Japan ABC Stores Japan
ajito gadget company AKG JAPAN
Akiba Japan Akiba Tokyo
Akihabara Otaku Mode Inc. ALCHEMIST JAPAN Export Japan select shop
Alexcious All About Tokyo Japan
Alpha Japan Alt Online Shop
Amasia Amazan honpojapan
Anime Field Annaconna
Aoitori-JP AOYAMA & CO.
Arigato Shop Arigato*ne*jp
Arresi Sales Artistry Japan
Asahi Import Japan A-SHOP japan
AtoZ JAPAN aurouge
azmuzik Barbatos Trading Japan
BBCG Market Best Fast Shop Japan
Best Item Japan Blue Samurai
Blueskyangel japan Books 4 Critics
Borderless World Box One Japan
Brooklyn Professional Audio Buro&Buro's Japanese Item Shop
BUSHIDOH MART Buy it here! …
BuyJapan Camerasta
Carla Japan CCP Distributing
Cheek Up Cherry Blossom from Japan
Classic212 Come Store Japan
Comect. Comfort-Life-Style
Cool Fuji Japan Cool Japan !
Cool Japan Tokyo Cool Stuff 3000
Cross the world [1%off all items] May 1 ~ 15 Darumaya Japan Import
Dave Parkers DCF Trading us
Deputi-Japan Direct Japan
Direct Line Superstore Discount Planet
Dragon Melody Dragon Slayer Corporation
Dream Factory Japan Dube's Music
Duchess Music Ear to Track Music Gear
Earth Families Inc. Earth Mall
Echigoshop Japan Economic Animal
Eds Electronics e-japan market
e-japan! Enjoy Hobby Shop Japan
Entrata Japan Equinox Japan
Etuning Japan Export Japan
Fareast Research Four Seasons Japan
FROM JAPAN. We hope you can do a great shopping! Storefront Fuji & Dae ( Japanese Item With Japanese care )
Fujiyama24 Galactik
Gardendale Music GearCentral
Gentle Store Genuine Japan
Ghibli Japan Global Cinema
Global Select Shop Go Japan
Goemon-jp Good Buy Products
good deal japan good export japan
Good Morning America Good News Products
Guitar Jar Guitarizz
Hairy Harry's Music Harajuku Culture Japan
Harenokuni Hello Japan Select Shop
HFJ Hikarido
hinomaru-shokai Hiro Japan
I will deliver fast and polite things japan Ichi Mart
If there is a product you want in Japan, you can contact us! Ikasu Japan
I'll Be Corporation International Shipping Japan
Island Walker Japan It sends to the Japaneseshop whole world
Japan 2 Globe Japan Best Item
JAPAN carnival. We will deliver as soon as possible. Japan Collection
Japan Collectors japan cute shop
Japan Discovery Japan Goodsness
Japan Hero Japan HK Brand. Deliver good service to you!
Japan Ichiba Japan Import
Japan Import Otaku Media Japan Import Shop
Japan Line Japan Mania
Japan No. 1 Japan Planet
Japan Plaza Japan Power
Japan Premium Japan Quality Shop
Japan Select Japan Shop SURUGA
Japan Shopping Japan Store
Japan Stream Japan Syndrome
Japan Walker Japan.our japanese staff will send you with care.
Japancool Japanese Challenger
Japanese Cool Items Store Japanese Life Goods
Japanese Market Store Japanese Rocky Store
japanesque shop japanexpertners
Japan-fuji JapanHero
japan-kizuna JapanMediaCenter
Japan-show JapanStation
Japasta JJMA34
J-Made Joy Japan
JP Kawaii JP Maker
Jpn Yasuo J-P-N! JAPAN
Jungle Store Japan K2 Japan Store
KAMEKICHI Shoten kamikazejapan
kamiwaza-japan Kobe Mori
Kobou Kurohana Shop
Lani Trading Latest Japan
L'espoir (polite response at any time) Likewin Japan Export Store
Link Japan  Little Village Music
Made in Japan Makimono
MAKOTO-YA Marumi Japan
MAS12 Megatone Music
Megaworld metya_japan
Midwest Dealer Services Mild JAPAN
Mild Japan Miyabi Japan Select Shop
Molustar Motopilex
Mt. Fuji Market Mugen Mart
Music Forte Music From Japan
Music is Elementary Music Trade
Music Trade Musicalia
MusicianVIP My Favorite Things from Japan
Net life in Japan New Tech Pros
Newwell/JP Nihon Mart
Ninja Express Ninja Online
Ninja Project Ninjando
Nin-Japan Northern Japan-no.1
Olive Hiro Online Logistics Co ltd
Overstock Deals Parts Garden
Pavilion Electronics Play Import
Polite Japan Ponn Japan
PriceShop Pro Audio Global
Pro Audio NY QunQunQun
Sakura Saku Mart Sakuranom Japan Shop
Sala Style Japan Samurai Blue
Samurai JP TOKYO Samurai Market Japan
Samurai Trader SchneiderMusik
Sell from Tokyo Sergio Music
Sporty Domino ssjp-shop
Star Japan Stinnett's Music
STS-M Sukai Japan
Sukiyaki Japan TAK Japan
Tanabotan Teriyaki Shop
Tin Music Tokyo Japan
Tokyo Marché Tokyo Trading Plc
Tokyo Trail Tokyo Zakka Store
Tomodachi.Japan Tone Japan
Trad Japan Traditional Osaka
trendjapan TS2012
tsugunari Japan Tsunagu Trading
TWC Japan TY Project Japan
UB JP Universal Japan
World Japan World Order Inc
World Share.4U YASU Corporation
Yokozuna Japan Export Young Music Shop
Yukendou Japan
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