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Open Architecture Synthesis, Effects, & Audio I/O

OASYS PCI integrates professional-quality synthesis, effects processing, and computer audio input and output into a single, professional PCI audio card - the perfect complement to any MIDI sequencer or digital audio workstation.

Much more than just an audio card, OASYS PCI offers a vast array of professional synthesis and effects processing tools, including some of the best synths and effects available at any price. Even better, it's fueled by a powerful system of dedicated DSPs, leaving your main CPU free to play back audio tracks and run host-based plug-ins. To learn more, see the OASYS PCI Overview.

If you already use a different audio I/O solution, such as MOTU PCI-324 or Digidesign ProTools, OASYS PCI adds exceptional Korg-quality synthesizers and effects to your system without burdening your CPU. For more information, see Compatibility.

August News

Looking for answers? Check out the new version of the OASYS PCI FAQ, revised 8/19/02.

More new OASYS PCI synth and effects plug-ins are being released every day. For the latest info, see the Third-Party Plug-Ins page.

Third-Party OASYS PCI Plug-Ins

Great-sounding freeware, shareware, and commercial synth and effects plug-ins - virtually all of them available exclusively for OASYS PCI. Check out the growing list of developers, and links to their wares, in the Third-Party Plug-Ins area.

Interested in becoming a developer? See the SynthKit section of the OASYS PCI FAQ.

OASYS PCI 2.0.2 Update

This free software update includes numerous improvements, and is available for both MacOS and Windows. You must already have installed OASYS PCI software version 2.0 and the 2.0.1 update.

To download the 2.0.2 update, go to the OASYS PCI Downloads page.

OASYS PCI Discussion at Yahoo Groups

Interested in sharing tips and tricks with other OASYS PCI users? Then check out the OASYS PCI discussion at Yahoo Groups.

If you're not already a member of Yahoo Groups, you'll be prompted to sign up; membership is completely free.