Personal Multi Effect Processor

The highly-acclaimed PANDORA – now in miniature!

Anytime, anywhere, play that song on your guitar or bass with your favorite set of effects.

Pandora Mini Highlights
  • Ultra-compact pocket-size multi-effect designed for both guitar and bass

  • Powered by "REMS" modeling technology

  • 200 preset programs (including song presets)

  • 200 user programs locations for storing your own sounds

  • 158 types of amazing amps and effects

  • Use up to seven effects at once

  • 100 different rhythm patterns plus a built-in metronome; ideal for composing and practice.

  • AUX input for jamming along to your favorite songs on CD, MP3, etc.; Ability to change the pitch of the Aux input by ± one octave

  • TAP button makes it easy to set the delay time or the tempo of the Rhythm

  • Four program memory buttons allow one-touch recall of your favorite programs

  • Auto-tuner with muting

  • Backlit LCD screen ensures good visibility, even in dim locations

  • Stylish body, available in either black or white

  • Sound editing software; edit sounds and manage programs from your computer (available for download from the Korg website)

  • Two-way power: batteries or USB bus power

The first-generation PANDORA appeared in 1995. This revolutionary product dramatically changed the concept of a multi-effect unit, placing great sound and unheard of versatility into a compact body. Constantly evolving, the PANDORA Series became a long-selling favorite for guitarists and bassists around the world.