Announcing iKaossilator Version 2.1 for iPhone/iPad!
The "iKaossilator" app was ranked the number one selling app* in the music section of the App Store internationally, and now it's been updated to Version 2.1! With the new ability to import audio loops, it's a great companion for the Kaossilator 2. While retaining its accessibility for musicians and non-musicians alike, as well as its ability to create tracks at the touch of a finger, iKaossilator has evolved to a new level that goes beyond the realm of synthesizers.

iKaossilator Version 2.1 Highlights

  • Audio Loop Import
  • Seamless operation in tandem with the Kaossilator 2
  • Support for "AudioPaste"

New Audio Loop Import function
Audio loop files can now be imported into each part of the sequencer. iKaossilator v2.1 has evolved into an app that provides not just MIDI loop sequencing, but also audio loop sequencing! To import, simply send your audio loop** via iTunes to iKaossilator and load it via the import menu in the sound list (the sound selection screen).

In addition to simply playing an imported audio loop, you can use a filter effect assigned to the touch pad to vary the character of the song just as you would on the Kaoss Pad. This represents a nearly infinite expansion of iKaossilator's track-making and performance potential.

Seamless Integration with Kaossilator 2
The Audio loop import feature also enables closely coupled operation with iKaossilator's sibling --- the "Kaossilator 2". Loop recorder data created with a Kaossilator 2 can be imported into iKaossilator, or an audio loop created in iKaossilator can be loaded into a loop recording bank of the Kaossilator 2. When you do this, data such as the loop length and the BPM of the loop that you created is also loaded; resulting in a seamless transfer between the software and hardware.

Support for "AudioPaste"

iKaossilator now supports the "AudioPaste" function that was developed by Sonoma Wire Works, which allows audio data to be copied and pasted between iOS apps. You can export audio data from the Korg iELECTRIBE or iMS-20, or from any "AudioCopy" compatible app, and then import it into iKaossilator with ease.

Free Upgrades Plus Huge Savings for New Customers!

"KORG iKaossilator for iPhone/iPad version 2.1" is now available for purchase from the App Store (inside the iTunes Store). If you've already purchased the "KORG iKaossilator" app, you can update to version 2.1 free of charge.

* Number one sales rank achieved in Japan, the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, and Australia
** Supported file formats: WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC

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