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Bonus Data for ELECTRIBE MX
An EMX-1 and Korg exclusive Free Download!

Music Producer MISTABISHI has released WRITE:READ; the first album of electronic dance music created exclusively on and for the Korg ElecTribe EMX-1!

The set can be played directly from the EMX-1 exactly as programmed by MISTABISHI. You can also remix, add or remove elements to blend MISTABISHI’s beats with your own music creations.

The patterns were originally created for dance music parties in London and Europe, and have been produced to an immaculate standard for a contemporary audience by a seeding artist in the field.

James Pullen had been a producer and remixer since 2005, and has moved crowds his over the world under numerous aliases including Mistabishi. His playfully diverse 2008 debut album DROP continues to inspire music makers and fans, with many of its then obscure sounds now stylistic staples on the international circuit.

His recent work for KORG has secured him a place amongst the long-established architects of the future sound of music, and his recent independent catalogue of work is a testament to a driven and music-first way of thinking.

UK Bass

UK Bass

This download contains the UK Bass expansion bank, which was created exclusively for the ELECTRIBE-MX by producer Shrike. UK Bass contains 128 BIG bass patterns, covering Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Breaks Electro House, along with fresher genres such as 100BPM and Future Garage. Includes loads of dirty wobbles, deep recesses, sub basses and clinical drum beats for you to use and edit to your liking - proof that the EMX is just as powerful a tool for producing today’s genres as it was in the beginning! Installation instructions are included with this download.


12/13/2010 – EMX1 Electribe SD Addendum

This document describes features that are new or modified relative to those from the ELECTRIBE•MX. Please refer to the supplied Owner’s Manual for reference pages and the corresponding contents.

Owners Manual for the Electribe MX


Owners Manual for the Electribe MX
This is the original owner's manual for the KORG EMX-1 Music Production Station in .pdf form.

EMX1 Quick Start Tutorial


Quick Start Tutorial
This is a supplement that was included with the KORG EMX-1 Music Production Station owner's manual in .pdf form.

The tutorial provides a basic introduction to the product and its various parts, so that you can get familiar with the EMX-1 before digging in to the the owner's manual.

EMX1 Easy Start Guide


Easy Start Guide
The Easy Start Guide is a quick step-by-step tutorial that provides a basic overview and highlights key features. While not a replacement for the Owner's Manual, this is a friendly "hands on" guide that provides a good place to start in getting familiar with this unit.